Pastoral Centre

Mulberry House was built in 1767 as a home for the local squire. The moat, which once protected an earlier Tudor building, still exists in the form of a lake in the beautiful peaceful gardens. In 1788, the squire became the rector of St. Mary the Virgin in the village of High Ongar. His house was to remain the church’s rectory for almost 200 years.

Mulberry House offers a striking combination of traditional Georgian architecture and modern, twenty-first century additions successfully combining the old and the new. The house is a constant reminder of the importance of strong foundations and enduring values and also the need for flexibility and innovation so necessary in today’s world.

Within the grounds of Mulberry House is the Pastoral Centre, which offers support and encouragement through a range of activities. Ideally located near the M11 and M25 motorways, Mulberry House is appreciated by many for its accessibility. The tranquility and relaxed atmosphere, together with the facilities, create an ideal environment in which individuals, teams and businesses can focus on their work.

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